What Are Stand Up Barrier Pouches?

Friday, April 21, 2017 11:15:18 AM America/Los_Angeles

what are stand up barrier pouches

Stand up barrier pouches can be beneficial for your product for many reasons. They’re great for display purposes and keeping your product fresh and safe. What exactly goes into putting them together, though?

What Are Stand Up Barrier Pouches?

Multiple layers of barrier film are laminated together to protect your product in stand up barrier pouches. Each stand up pouch is designed with the contents it will hold in mind. Based on what type of product will be packaged and where it will likely be sold determines how the bag will be made. For example, a pouch that will be displayed on indoor retail shelves won’t be designed the exact same way a bag that holds, say fertilizer, that will sit outside. The fertilizer bag will be designed to protect the product within from outside elements.

The layers of stand up barrier pouches come together to create a strong bag that will keep your product safe. The outer layer typically provides strength and durability to the pouch. Kind of like a protective shell. While the inner layers can also provide strength and protection, they also include the printed layer. This is the layer on which your design will be printed. Keeping it off the very surface of the pouch protects it from any potential scratches from being handled. The last, inner layer is the layer that come into direct contact with your product. This layer is the food grade layer that can safely come into contact with what you have packaged.

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