4 Types of Window Stand Up Pouches For Products

Saturday, August 5, 2017 7:03:06 AM America/Los_Angeles

window stand up pouches


Window pouches are the perfect home for your products! At Sinoway Pouch Station, our window stand up pouches for products are eco-friendly and stylish.

Here are 4 types of window stand up pouches for products:

Kraft Round Window Stand Up Pouch

Our Kraft Round Window Stand Up Pouch is specifically designed for food products like coffee, tea, and miscellaneous organic products. These bags are eco-friendly and made out of biodegradable materials, with an aesthetically-pleasing oval window and fantastic barrier property. These bags, like the others, can be processed with logo hot stamps, labels, and printings.


Natural Kraft


Kraft Strip Window Stand Up Pouch

Also made eco-friendly and from compostable natural kraft papers, our Kraft Strip Window Stand Up Pouch features a clear strip window with a resealable ziploc. This pouch is great for snacks, organic food, pet food, and coffee beans. Customize the pouches with your own designs as hot stamps, labels, and printings!

Natural Kraft


White Kraft Strip Window Stand Up Pouch

These white Kraft strip window stand up pouches are crafted with natural white kraft paper with matte finishing. Like the others, this bag is proudly eco-friendly, and great for holding sugar, flour, and various snacks. This bag is special, in that it features a matte strip window, zipper, and tear notch. Sinoway’s white kraft pouches can be processed with labels, logo hot stamps, and printings.

White Kraft


Poly Window Stand Up Pouch

Poly Window Stand Up Pouches are made from poly material, and showcases an oval window to show customers what they are purchasing. These pouches are printed with bright and unique colors to catch any consumer’s eyes from the display case.



These are just a few of the many different pouch styling options we have available. Sinoway Pouch Station offers 4 types of window stand up pouches for products of all kinds. Contact us today by email at info@sinowaypouchstation.com or at Toll Free: +1-844-386-7272 for a consultation!


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