Sustainable Custom Printed Coffee Bags

Friday, March 31, 2017 8:27:36 AM America/Los_Angeles

Sustainable Custom Printed Coffee Bags

Here at Sinoway Pouch Station, we care about the environment and make every effort to be as eco-friendly as possible. We have stuck to this goal since we first started making custom packaging. You can order sustainable custom printed coffee bags knowing you will not be leaving a negative imprint on our beautiful planet.

Sustainable Custom Printed Coffee Bags


When something is biodegradable, it is capable of being decomposed by bacteria and other living organisms. This means that, if disposed of in a compost, it can become a part of the soil. Essentially, biodegradable items come from nature and remain almost entirely natural after being repurposed.

Landfill Friendly

Landfill friendly items can be put in a landfill without the fear of causing harm to the environment. These are items that will decompose instead of sitting there for years and getting in the way of plant growth, organisms and other natural happenings.


Eco-friendly means a product is environmentally friendly and good for the earth. Any product that contributes to “green” efforts by using less energy or fewer materials can be classified as eco-friendly.

100% Recyclable

A product that is 100% recyclable is made from materials that can be reused later on. Recycling helps reduce waste in the environment, as the items that have been disposed of are repurposed into other products later on instead of being thrown into a landfill.

Water Based Inks

Water based ink is any ink that uses water as a solvent base to carry the pigment. These inks are therefore made mostly of water as opposed to harsh chemicals.

All of these elements are how our sustainable custom printed coffee bags contribute to our eco-friendly efforts. And we incorporate all of this while without compromising the quality of our pouches. Our coffee bags are FDA Approved and QS Certified.

If you have any questions about sustainability and our custom printed coffee bags, let us know!, LLC hereby declares that all of our Plastic Bags fulfill the requirements of the FDA for food application. We provide an easier and more cost-effective way to brand your products. Feel free to contact us anytime or Toll Free at: +1-844-386-7272.

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