5 Common Uses For Stand Up Mylar Bags

Tuesday, July 25, 2017 6:13:20 PM America/Los_Angeles

stand up mylar bags


Looking for the perfect packaging for your product? Why not use stand up mylar bags? Our mylar stand up bags offer matte finishing on the surface with a silver metallic interior, guaranteed to offer good light and keep out the elements. Additionally, our bags can be processed with logo hot stamps, labels, and printings to best reflect your company and product brand!

Here are 5 Common Uses For Stand Up Mylar Bags:


Mylar bags are perfect for packaging snacks of all kinds! To ensure the utmost freshness, the inner substrate of the bag offers moisture barriers to keep the elements out. Additionally, these mylar bags can be personalized with company hot stamps. Hot stamps will make your product stand out on the shelves, and mylar bags are the ideal fit.


Who doesn’t love the good crunch of a cookie? How do you relate this to customers with packaging? Mylar bags are great for cookie packing, and are extremely stylish with matte finishing on the surface, and can be pressed with hot stamps, labels, and printings that best fit your company’s brand.


Another great candidate to inhabit stand up mylar bags are nuts! People love having something to munch on during work, and nuts are the perfect remedy for any mid-afternoon cravings. Nuts of all kinds will fight off any tendencies to stale with our soft foil bags. Nuts are small enough to pack into the bag with ease, and the stand up nature of the pouch will help avoid any accidental spillage.


Looking for a fantastic way to package the spice in your life? Mylar bags will keep all the tricky spices within reach, and will retain the quality of the product with its metallic silver interior. The sharp taste of the spices won’t fade with the moisture barrier within the mylar bag.


Seasonings are what make good dishes! Guarantee the freshness and taste of your product with the standup mylar bag, which can retain the original taste of the seasonings. Seasonings of all kinds are perfect for the size of the bag, and are aesthetically pleasing with your company brand hot stamped on the front of the bag!

These are just a few common uses for stand up mylar bags. Use these beauties for any other products? Tell us about them!

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