5 Products You Didn’t Know You Could Package in Pouches

Friday, July 21, 2017 12:07:46 PM America/Los_Angeles

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Worried your product is too “out-there” for the typical packaging company? Lucky for you, Sinoway Pouch Station packages all kinds of atypical products. You can customize the type of pouch that best suits your brand, and if you feel lost, we can help guide you toward the perfect one!

Automotive Products

Automotive products may not be the first thing you think of when you think of pouch packaging, but Sinoway Pouch Station is more than willing to air-seal products for any car. Made with its impenetrable material, the automotive products will avoid wear from weather conditions or any other hazards like moisture, light, etc.

Medicinal Products

Sinoway Pouch Station provides sealed pouches for medicinal products of all kinds. Our air-tight pouches guarantee absolute freshness for your medicinal products. We know how important it is that medicine remains untampered with, and that’s why our pouches are sealed shut and never opened after initial point of contact.


Liquids can be tricky to package, but they’re no match for Sinoway Pouch Station’s expertise. Not only are wine and liquid packaging bags trendier than glass bottles for packaging liquor, they’re also more environmentally-friendly. Our liquid packages are equipped with pouring spouts for optimal drinking, and can stand on their own to avoid messy spillage.

Soap and Washing Detergent

What better way to store soap and washing detergent than in environmentally-friendly, sealable pouches? Although this may seem like an unusual idea, pouring spouts paired with customized packaging makes pouches the optimal choice for soap and washing detergent.

Bath Salts and Candle Beads

With numerous packaging options to choose from, packing bath salts and candle beads in is easy! Design your ideal packaging guide, or we will help you. Like our liquid packaging, our pouches stand up on their own, meaning it is perfect to store bath salts and candle beads in your bathroom or pantry without fear of spillage!

There is no item too quirky for Sinoway Pouch Station! Contact us today at info@sinowaypouchstation.com, and see how we can best help pack your product!


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