5 Top Products To Package In A Flat Pouch

Friday, July 21, 2017 1:17:57 PM America/Los_Angeles

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Have a product you think would be perfect for a flat pouch? Our flat pouches are a popular choice across the gamut of packages for various products. There are some materials that are just MEANT to be packed in a flat pouch.

Here are our 5 Top Products to Package In A Flat Pouch:

Beef jerky

Any dried products, especially strips of delicious beef jerky, are perfect for packing in flat pouches. Either a Front Clear Poly/Back Metallized Flat Pouch or a Kraft Window Flat Pouch are recommended for packing any type of jerky! This is the perfect packaging for people with busy lifestyles, whether large families or bachelors on-the-go. It’s easily accessible, and keeps the snacks fresh!

Frozen products

Products that need to be kept cool, like meat, cheese, etc., are typically packaged with our vacuum-sealed Nylon Vacuum Flat Pouch to guarantee absolute freshness. This package design is especially made to avoid any unnecessary spillage, as well as help the products retain its original form and avoid rot.

Organic goods

Organic products are good for your body, spirit, and mind. Even better when they’re in a Kraft Metallized Pouch to ensure they’re kept fresh. Even better, Sinoway’s pouches are made out of environmentally-friendly, recycled material! The flat pouch is easy to transport, and makes healthy living easy on-the-go!

Trail mix

Who doesn’t love a various assortment of nuts and fruits? Whatever it consists of, trail mix is the perfect snack for people of all ages. Trail mix is popular and best served in a Kraft Metallized Flat Pouch. You can pack several of these pouches in one container, and it is great for customers who want something simple and easy to carry around with them.


Tea is celebrated by cultures all around the world, whether for ceremonial purposes or for everyday leisure consumption. Tea is best packaged in a Front Clear Poly/Back Metallized Flat Pouch to ensure it remains undamaged and in top-notch condition. The tea will remain fragrant and ready for brewing at any time!

These are just a few of our favorite products you can package in a flat pouch. To package your product, contact Sinoway Pouch Station today at info@sinowaypouchstation.com for more information!

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