Hot Stamping: How it Works

Wednesday, July 5, 2017 3:30:32 PM America/Los_Angeles

Hot Stamping

A fast and more cost-effective option, hot stamping your pouches gives your design a bright, vibrant look.

Hot Stamping: How it Works

Just as the name says, the process is, in fact, a stamping motion that uses heat to imprint on an item. An image is engraved on a die and is heated and pressed onto a surface. The area where the die meets the surface is where ink is left.

This process can be done on many different materials, with the most common being plastic. Because this is a dry process, there is no need to mix the inks. You simply attach a die to a heated metal plate, load the hot stamping foil, and press onto the item being printed on. When done properly, hot stamped items can withstand harsh conditions.


Metal Dies

Magnesium is the least expensive and the least durable of the metal dies.

Copper is more durable than magnesium, but not as strong as brass. It sits between these two metals as far as price.

Brass is the second most durable of the metal dies and is higher in price than magnesium and copper.

Hardened Steel is the most expensive and the most durable of the metal dies.

Silicone Dies

Silicone dies are rubber dies that come in varying degrees of hardness. These are best for printing on items that aren’t perfectly flat. Because the rubber is more flexible than metal, it can bend slightly to fit around an item that is perhaps rounder. Softer rubber dies are good for printing larger graphics, while harder rubbers are best for smaller, more detailed designs.

No matter which option you go with for your hot stamping technique, it’s important to ensure there is plenty of support for the item being printed on. A lot of pressure is applied when the die is stamping onto the surface, so the fixture needs to have plenty of surface area to hold that support.

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