Designing Your Pouch: Where To Start

Monday, April 3, 2017 9:19:52 AM America/Los_Angeles

Designing Your Pouch

Designing your pouch should be a fun step toward getting your product on the shelves of stores everywhere. You might be coming into this with an idea already in mind. If you’re not there yet, where do you begin? Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Designing Your Pouch: Where To Start

Keep It Simple

Don’t go over the top with your design. That doesn’t mean you have to dim your creativity, or even tone it down. It’s just that too much on a small package can overwhelm customers and actually deter them instead of draw them to your product.

Fully Describe The Product

Tell customers every important detail about the product. What can it do for them? What health benefits does it have? Only tell them the big details, though. Do leave out the unimportant, extra “fun fact” information that can be left for later. Customers will share those tidbits in their reviews.

Also be sure to not exaggerate. Be truthful. Don’t leave anything out of the back labels - people will know, and that will only get you into trouble with consumers.

Target Your Audience

Make sure your design is audience-specific so you know you’re reaching the right people. If you try to attract everybody, you could end up attracting nobody. Figure out who you want buying your product and design your pouch specifically for them.

Stand Out From The Shelf

Check out what other brands are doing. Then don’t do that. Do something that you don’t see anyone else doing. Make yourself look unique so you catch customers’ eyes. Use bold colors and big letters, or a strange design. Just make sure you’re not standing out for the wrong reasons, like, maybe your colors don’t match, or no one can read your font.

Text Legibility

Speaking of being able to read your font, that’s something you’ll want to consider when designing your pouch. Pick a font that’s easy to read so people don’t turn away from your product because they don’t know what the packaging says. Cursive and other curly fonts are always risky because the fancy curves can often make them difficult to read.

Test Your Designs

Put your designs in front of audiences to see which ones they react most favorably to and go with the one that performs the best. This is often the most accurate way to fully know how your pouch will do with consumers.

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