5 Beautiful Coffee Bag Printing Examples On Pouches

Monday, August 28, 2017 2:47:35 PM America/Los_Angeles

At Sinoway Pouch Station, we capitalize on providing eco and landfill-friendly pouches. Our plethora of pouches are specially designed to keep edible products--such as coffee--in good condition. Keep reading to learn more about 5 beautiful coffee bag printing examples on our pouches.

1) Kraft Strip Window Stand Up Pouch

You can apply labels, hot stamps and printings to our kraft strip window stand up bags. Made of eco-friendly and compostable natural kraft papers, these bags are ideal for housing coffee. The clear strip window and resealable zip loc are superb for showcasing the beauty of the coffee beans while keeping them fresh.

2) Kraft Round Window Stand Up Pouch

Sinoway’s Kraft round window stand up pouch is a great option for goods like coffee or tea. Additionally, these bags can be processed with logo hot stamps, labels and printings, allowing your beautiful design to be eye-catching. Complete with an appealing ovular window and great barrier property, these bags are sure to make anyone grab your product off the shelf with excitement.

3) White Kraft Strip Window Stand Up Pouch

Our white Kraft strip window stand up pouches are made of natural white kraft paper that has a smooth matte finish. The matte finish in a neutral color like white makes the perfect backdrop for your company’s logo. Additionally, if you want your brand to be the focus of your coffee product’s package, this is the perfect pouch for you. Featuring a matte strip window, a zipper and a tear notch, this pouch can hold your coffee and look snazzy doing it.

4) Mylar/Metallized Stand Up Pouch

Available in several colors, the mylar/metallized pouch is an excellent choice for a coffee bag. Any one of the bright colors will look divine when paired with a printed label. The mylar/metallized stand up pouch is not just aesthetically pleasing. It’s also extremely functional. This pouch is equipped with a silver metallic interior, rocking a smooth matte finish on its surface. Additionally, its inner substrate offers a substantial light and moisture barrier. This matte black stand up pouch is ideal for a variety of snacks or seasonings, and of course coffee!

5) Foil Stand Up Pouch

Available in silver, gold, and black, our aluminum foil stand up pouches are extremely durable. The shiny aluminum surface is sure to be eye catching when paired with a print design. With its resistance to moisture, high barrier of puncture, and protection from oxygen and odor, these pouches are highly useful and functional. If you’re looking to package things like roasted coffee, the foil stand up pouch is for you. Process one of these bags with logo hot stamps, labels or printings for a beautiful printed coffee bag.

We hope you enjoyed learning about 5 beautiful coffee bags with printing examples. To learn more about our pouches, check out all our varieties and offerings here.

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