Clear Drink Pouches Keep Things Simple

Friday, April 28, 2017 8:43:09 AM America/Los_Angeles

Clear Drink Pouches Keep Things Simple

These days, everyone is seemingly always on the move. Regardless of what keeps people busy, you know they’ll need to take a drink with them. Preferably something easy to carry along. Thankfully, we at Sinoway offer clear drink pouches that can help keep things simple in your customers’ hectic lives.

Clear Drink Pouches Keep Things Simple

Take On-the-Go

Athletes and hikers always need to hydrate. Bottles can take up so much room in their backpacks, though. With a clear drink pouch, people who keep active on a regular basis will have a drink that won’t force them to downsize how much they can put in their bag.

Low Environmental Impact

As with all our pouches, our clear drink pouches are also biodegradable and recyclable, so customers won’t have to worry about hurting the environment when they dispose of their container.

Fun for Picnics

Clear drink pouches will fit really well in a picnic basket or a cooler because they don’t take up too much space. Plus, they’re quick and easy to grab as you’re packing. They’ll already be filled and ready to go, so customers won’t have to fill up other bottles or try to fit a giant container into their cooler.

Packing Lunch

Save room in someone’s lunchbox by packaging your drinks in clear drink pouches. It’s always nice when you don’t have to work really hard to completely stuff everything into a lunchbox. A clear drink pouch can sit nicely right on top and will be a nice addition to a great lunch.

See What’s Inside

If you make your juice from real fruit and leave little bits of said fruit in your drink, then make sure people will see that. It will give customers peace of mind to see actual fruit pieces in there as flavoring.


Packaging drinks like wine and other alcohol follows such a cookie cutter format. Sure, you can change the art on the bottles, but it’ll still blend in with everyone else. Instead, package your beverages in clear drinking pouches. You’ll completely stand out from the crowd, which will make people look at your product to see what this pouch instead of a bottle thing is all about. With our pouches, wine and alcohol will be just as fresh as if you put them in bottles.

Contact us today to ask about our clear drinking pouches! They feature a nylon liner for easy pouring and can be processed with logo hot stamps, labels and printings., LLC hereby declares that all of our Plastic Bags fulfill the requirements of the FDA for food application. We provide an easier and more cost-effective way to brand your products. Feel free to contact us anytime or Toll Free at: +1-844-386-7272.

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