How To Label A Pouch: Top 5 Options

Thursday, July 20, 2017 5:18:34 PM America/Los_Angeles

how to label a pouch


Looking for the perfect way to label your product? Not sure how best to convey your message and brand through packaging? No fear, Sinoway Pouch Station is here to help!

Here is How To Label A Pouch: Top 5 Options

Hot Stamping Pouch

Our hot stamp printing on bags is the perfect packaging solution for those looking for an affordable option. The logo is imprinted with one simple color to create brand recognition, meaning it is fantastic for testing out new products in the marketplace.

Hot stamping pouch is available up to 20 colors with a selection of glossy, matte, laser, and metallic for your personalized brand to standout on market shelves. It’s perfect if you want to advertise if your product has limited time offers or upcoming events. We can get your Logo hot stamped and ready to use in 5-7 days!

Custom Printed Labeled Pouches

Did you know labeled pouches can be custom printed? Our labeled bags are an alternative and affordable way of branding your package with customized logos and nutritional facts, if you want to spout the healthiness of your product.

Labels can be created in a wide array of shapes: circle, oval, square, rectangle, or even your own custom shape. This is perfect for any company interested in taking their branding by the reins.

Screen Printing Pouches

Is your company evolving? If so, your brand should follow! Our screen printing service allows you to print up to 3 simple colors (NO plate charge!) within an area on the front and back of the pouch. Your product information and logo can be easily be imprinted on the bag to gain a great brand recognition.

Unlike hot stamping, screen printing allows for 3 color imprint. Overlapping colors can create a gorgeous look that makes your bags appear like high-definition rotogravure printing. We will get your bags screen printed and ready to use in 5-7 days

Custom Printed Pouches

Custom printed bags provide tailored barrier properties to prevent your product from moisture and oxygen damage. In addition to being practical, with a high-definition printing technique like ours, your package will be eye-catching and outshine other shelf products.

Additionally, we offer a large selection of materials (Kraft paper, foil, poly, rice paper), custom features (zippers, window, hang hole, valves, and tin-ties), and pouch types (stand up pouch, side gusseted pouch, flat bottom pouch) to ensure your package is wholly and unique and representative of your desired brand.

Artwork Design

Are you at a loss to how to design your packaging? Luckily for you, Sinoway Pouch Stations offers an artwork design service for those looking for professional and modern-looking designs on their bags. This is perfect for those who do not have a designer on their team, or are looking for advice and improvements for their label.

Whatever you decide to go with, you will be making the right choice as long as it’s with Sinoway Pouch Station.

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