3 Custom Retail Packaging Examples

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 2:04:45 PM America/Los_Angeles

custom retail packaging examples

Sinoway Pouch Station is proud to collaborate with a wide array of companies to create different custom retail packagings. Custom packaging benefits companies with variations of products, and any organization looking to spice up their image.

Check out some of our clients and their custom retail packaging below!

Boss Babe Body

Boss Babe Body is a company specializing in all-natural coffee body scrub that targets skin conditions such as cellulite, eczema, acne, stretch marks, and psoriasis. Boss Babe Body offers 7 ounces of five different kinds of body scrub.

Each package is unique and represents the brand of Boss Babe Body coffee scrub through custom retail packaging.

custom retail packaging examples

The Original Boss Babe Body packaging has a smooth, metallic silver finish with a feminine baby pink sure to catch any customer’s eye! It features the company logo and label, as well as the silhouette of a powerful boss. The design is simple and straight-forward, yet stylish and effectively communicates Boss Babe Body’s brand.

custom retail packaging

Their Queen Bee Boss Babe body scrub features a bee and a crown on the front against a backdrop resembling a hive. This packaging ties in perfectly with the name of their product, and is cute to boot! The gold foil represents both the color of honeycomb, as well as the high-end and superiority of the product.

retail packaging

Their special edition holiday Boss Babe Body scrub, Blitzen Barry Boss Babe, was created as a winter-themed scrub. Boss Babe Body took the original packaging, and switched out the colors for cooler tones, with icy blue and silver hues, and sprigs of winter plants as brand garnish.

What does Boss Babe Body have to say about their packaging experience with Sinoway Pouch Station?

“Sinoway Pouch are the best in the business! Great response time, ongoing communication and great pricing. Pouches turned out just as ordered. I’m so thankful to have found them!”--Lauren Wilson, COO, Boss Babe Body


Embrew is a company specializing in artisan tea with natural craft sweetener. Their products are tea with natural sweetener added in, like smoked demerara sugar, granulated maple, and honey granules. Embrew prides itself on being natural, and humanitarian in their tea production, and their packaging reflects exactly that!

custom coffee packaging

The light tan of the packaging features a color label that distinguishes from tea flavor from the next. This particular custom retail packaging brands the company as a down-to-earth and holistic organization, with tea that tastes natural and is doing its best to preserve the organic flavors of the tea.

custom tea packaging

To go hand-in-hand with their image, Embrew specifically uses Sinoway pouches that are compostable or biodegradable. It’s always a plus when being environmentally-friendly is part of your custom retail packaging brand!

embrew coffee @missyolivepants

What does Embrew have to say about its experience with Sinoway?

“A great packaging partner, in my case, for a start-up. They are patient and talked through many options until we finally settled on the right eco-friendly packaging. All was delivered in a reasonable amount of time and with highly professional results. No issues at all.”--Ashley Hayhood, Owner, Embrew Coffee & Tea

Libre Naturals

Libre Naturals is a company created by a mother looking to best serve delicious snacks and food to people with severe allergies to common food ingredients like gluten and soy. Libre Naturals presents itself as natural and healthy through its custom retail packaging.

Granola packaging

The packaging for Libre Naturals features a color scheme per individual flavor of granola. Blueberry Maple, with blueberries on the front, features a dark blue pop of color to match. Similarly, the gold of the Vanilla Caramel coincides with the particular ingredient that makes this package special.

How does Libre Naturals feel about its custom retail packaging experience with Sinoway Pouch Station?

“Great service! Cheap in Price! Best in Quality! Sinoway Pouch’s sales rep just walked me through every detail of my custom order. They really made the process easier, efficient and professional. Really appreciated!”--Carlos Gonzales, Purchasing Manager, Libre Natural Foods

With Sinoway Pouch Station’s custom retail packaging, your product can stand out on the shelves and properly reflect your brand!

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