The Best Food Grade Stand Up Pouches For Edible Products

Monday, August 21, 2017 5:18:31 PM America/Los_Angeles

The Best Food Grade Stand Up Pouches For Edible Products

At Sinoway Pouch Station, we capitalize on providing pouches that are both eco and landfill-friendly, and especially designed to keep tasty food products and snacks in good condition.

Keep reading to learn more about the best food grade stand up pouches for edible products.

1) Kraft Round Window Stand Up Pouch

If you have speciality food and drink to pack, our Kraft round window stand up pouch is a great option for specialty food application, coffee, tea and other organic products. Made wholly from eco-friendly and biodegradable materials, complete with an eye-catching ovular window and great barrier property, making them ideal to hold large quantities of food. Like any other pouch, Sinoway’s kraft bags can be processed with logo hot stamps, labels and printings.

2) White Kraft Strip Window Stand Up Pouch

The white Kraft strip window stand up pouches are made by natural white kraft paper with an appealing matte finishing in the surface. If you need to package food products like flour, sugar, or general snacks, these eco-friendly packages do the trick. Featured with a matte strip window, zipper and tear notch, these pouches are perfect for containing your food while looking sleek in the process.

3) Foil Wine & Liquid Stand Up Pouch

Our pouches aren’t just for food items and snacks! If you have a drink or any liquid you want to package, look towards our foil wine and liquid stand up pouch. Equipped with a nozzle, this pouch is perfect for insulating beverages or liquids you want to keep safe.

4) Rice Paper Stand Up Pouch

For speciality food products, checkout our rice paper stand up pouch.  It is a great package solution for miscellaneous food items like pet treats, dried fruits, vegan food, and assorted agricultural products. Made organically, this pouch is landfill friendly and biodegradable. Plus, it’s incredibly user-friendly, featured with a strip window, zip closure, and tear notches.

5) Kraft Foil Stand Up Pouch

Our Kraft foil stand up pouch is perfect for a variety of uses to meet all your food packaging needs. This pouch is impressively equipped with a natural looking surface and an inner foil liner that protects against light and moisture infiltration. If you’re packaging a range of eclectic products like organic goods, baked goods, bath salts, seeds and dried foods, this pouch is ideal for you.

6) Kraft Strip Window Stand Up Pouch

Our kraft strip window stand up bags are made of eco-friendly and compostable natural kraft papers, making it safe and wonderful for housing food. Its key features are its clear strip window, resealable ziploc that are all superb for snacks, organic food, pet food, and coffee beans. Like any Sinoway kraft pouch, these can can be applied with labels, hot stamps and printings for some extra pizzazz.

We hope our suggestions for the best grade stand up pouches for edible products are fruitful. You can browse more here.

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