How To Create A Private Label Product

Monday, March 13, 2017 2:26:27 PM America/Los_Angeles

How To Create A Private Label Product

Private labels have been great for small businesses as they have allowed these independent retailers to compete against national chains and increase shopper loyalty. This is because prices for private labels tend to be cheaper than national or global brands, which presents higher value for retailers and shoppers. Learn how to create a private label product to attract trendsetters and shoppers who want something different from what is already out there. Use a private label product to reflect your overall brand identity and separate your business from the competition.

How To Create A Private Label Product


There are two types of private label products. The first being products that tie into or reflect an existing brand, and the second being products that stand on their own. It is important to know which one your product will be so you know where it will go and how it will do in sales. As far as how you design your private label product, there isn’t really a hard, set rule on how to do it. The general steps are:

    • Sit down for a creative discussion on what you want out of the product
    • Decide on sizes, colors, weight, purpose, etc. of product
    • Come up with a catchy name for the product
    • Choose packaging elements
      • Keep it simple. At Sinoway Pouch Station, we have many simple packaging options for you to choose from.
    • Design your product
      • This includes your logo and typography elements. We offer professional artwork design to help you come up with everything you need for this step, or we can simply provide consultation.
    • Produce and ship the product

Keep In Mind

Exclusivity vs Brand Recognition

The term “private label” means an exclusive product that consumers can’t get anywhere else. So be sure to make your product unique and something people want over other brands. If your product is joining an established brand, make sure it retains what that brand has already brought to the table.

Price and Customer Loyalty

Make sure a private label product makes sense for you. Is it going to be profitable? Sometimes, in certain situations, it just doesn’t make sense. So do the math and see how everything looks like it will work out to see if it will be worth it.

Timeliness and Production Schedules

Private labels take time. Plan ahead! With the planning, designing, production, packaging, and delivering, the time it takes to get from the beginning of the process to the end of it is not a short period.

If you’re looking to create a private label product, we can help with the packaging and art design aspects, so contact us today with any questions!, LLC hereby declares that all of our Plastic Bags fulfill the requirements of the FDA for food application. We provide an easier and more cost-effective way to brand your products. Feel free to contact us anytime or Toll Free at: +1-844-386-7272.

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