6 Ways to Reuse Your Stand Up Pouches

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 8:18:35 AM America/Los_Angeles

6 Ways to Reuse Your Stand Up Pouches

There is a lot we can do to help save the environment. One method is to reuse certain items around the house. Our stand up pouches fall into that category. Here are some ways to reuse your stand up pouches and contribute to green efforts.

6 Ways to Reuse Your Stand Up Pouches

Refill with new snacks

Here’s a simple one to start things off. You can use pouches with a ziplock to store and transport other snacks. Instead of going straight to a sandwich bag, reuse your stand up pouches a few times first.

Shoe covers

If you’re traveling, stick your shoes in our pouches to keep them from getting your clothes or suitcase dirty. You can also stick shoes that will sit in the closet for a while in old pouches. This will keep the dust off of them until it’s their turn to be worn again.

Wrap fragile items

If you’re planning to move soon, keep some bags around to help protect your fragile items. Wrap glasses, dishes and other items in a few bags to create a cushion for them. Now you won’t have to buy as much paper, which will also save you money.

Trash bags

Keep a bag on your desk or nightstand, or in your car to throw smaller pieces of trash away. As it fills up, you can dump it and continue to use the pouch until it’s time to recycle it.

Protection from frost and ice

If you have smaller plants in your backyard, you can stick your used pouches over them to protect them from frostbite during the colder months. You can also protect the side view mirrors on your car from ice. Just stick a couple pouches over them overnight and the frost won’t get to them.


Here’s your chance to get really creative. You can make beads out of used pouches with just glue and your imagination. And if beads aren’t your thing, you can cut them into strips and braid them into bracelets.

Do you have any other ways to reuse your stand up pouches? Share them with us! We love learning new ways to recycle our products.

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