5 Coffee Bag Designs and Why They Work

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 10:18:43 AM America/Los_Angeles

5 Coffee Bag Designs and Why They Work

When designing your coffee bag, you have to make sure it’s unique and steals the attention from other coffee bags on the shelf. We know it can sometimes be hard to come up with something, which is why we have a team of professional graphic designers here to help. But, if you still need a little inspiration before you come to us, here are a few coffee bag designs to help spark your creative fire.

5 Coffee Bag Designs and Why They Work

Fuel Coffee

5 Coffee Bag Designs and Why They Work


People run on coffee, much like cars run on fuel. This is what Fuel Coffee plays into with their coffee bag designs. Then, to keep it really on point, their decaf is unleaded, while regular coffee is, well, regular. These bags are basically little gas pumps. But instead of pumping gas, they “pump” coffee.

This design works because it’s clever. Obvious thought went behind creating this brand and bringing it to life. Plus, the boldness of the logo and colors help catching passing customers’ eyes. After taking a minute to check out the coffee, they’ll get the full effect of Fuel’s brand.

Gravity Coffee

5 Coffee Bag Designs and Why They Work


People generally like color. If your brand has colors that you want people to associate with your name, use them. Make them big and bold so people notice. That’s why Gravity Coffee’s designs work. Not only do they have bold, bright colors, but they also have those colors in fun designs unique to each of their roasts.

Joe Coffee

5 Coffee Bag Designs and Why They Work


Remember, simple isn’t a bad thing. Sure, Joe Coffee went with a very simple design, but it’s still bold. Between the excellent choice in colors and the big “Joe,” this coffee bag still catches your eye. If you do choose to go with a simple design, take some notes from these bags.

Origin Coffee

 5 Coffee Bag Designs and Why They Work

How fun are these coffee bags? These designs from Origin Coffee are unusual and interesting, but not so much that they’re over the top. They’re actually quite simple designs that each give a similar vibe, yet different feel. And by putting the images against a black background, it really helps them pop out from the pouch.

Rio Coffee

 5 Coffee Bag Designs and Why They Work  5 Coffee Bag Designs and Why They Work

Once again, a simple design. Rio Coffee puts a simple, yet compelling image on the front and beautify the sides. This is a different way to design your pouch as it strays from the norm. You don’t have to put the main design on the front. Draw people in and then let them discover the rest.

Do you have any questions about coffee bag designs? Let us know! We have a team of graphic designers who are here for you. 

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