14 Custom Printed Tea Bag Applications

Monday, April 10, 2017 10:09:44 AM America/Los_Angeles

14 custom printed tea bag applications

When you design your tea bags, you don’t have to fall in line with a cookie cutter format. We offer 14 different custom printed tea bag applications that you can add to your pouches. These features will make your tea bags stand out from others on the shelves.

14 Custom Printed Tea Bag Applications

One-Way Degassing Valve

One-way degassing valves are designed to keep the product inside a bag fresh. When the pressure inside a sealed bag surpasses the valve’s opening pressure, a rubber disk inside the valve opens momentarily to let gas out of the package. As gas leaves the package, the pressure inside drops below the valve’s close pressure and the valve closes.


A ziplock top means that the pouch can be resealed by pressing together two grooves that tightly fit together. On this “regular” ziplock, the top of the pouch is torn off before the ziplock can be unzipped.

Pocket-Style Ziplock

This style also includes the ziplock feature, but instead of the top of the pouch being torn off, just a small strip that covers the ziplock will be torn off. In this case, the opening sits more on the side of the pouch.

Pouring Spout

A pouring spout is for teas that have already been brewed and just need to be poured. It is built right into the pouch and is easy to use.

Tap-Style Spout

Tap-style spouts make it so you don’t even have to tip your pouch. Simply let it sit and people can come by, open the spout, and fill their cup.

Round Hang Hole

Round hang holes are designed to allow your bag to hang on thin retail display hooks. These holes are typically smaller and can’t be placed on wide a wide variety of hangers.

Sombrero Hang Hole

Aptly named for its sombrero shape, this hang hole allows your tea bags to hang on wider retail display hooks. This hang hole is also known as the “Inverted T.”

Euroslot Hang Hole

Another wide hang hole, the Euroslot can also be placed on wider retail display hooks. This hole is shaped like the sombrero hang hole, but with another bump on the bottom, as well.

Tear Notch

The tear notch makes for easy opening of your package. It’s just a small slit that can be added to one or both sides of the top of the package.

Die Cut Handle

Die cut handles enable people to carry your pouch with ease. They are particularly helpful for carrying heavier packages.

Serrated Edge

You know those packages that have those zigzag edges? Those are serrated edges. They make it easier for people to tear open a bag to enjoy the product inside.

Oval Window

If you want customers to get a glimpse of your product before they open the package, add an oval window. It will give people a sneak peek of what they will soon enjoy.

Strip Window

Not into ovals? That’s okay. You can also have a strip window applied to your package. It will just be a different way for customers to see your product.

Custom Shaped Window

If neither of the last two options float your boat, you can customize your own shape. Having a unique window shape will draw people in as well because it’s something out of the ordinary.

Do you have any questions about these 14 custom printed tea bag applications? Let us know! We’re happy to help! 

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