Barrier Properties
Multi-layer substrates laminated to keep your products longer in shevles
  • Vacuum
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    Our nylon(PA) film provides vacuum sealable property for your bags ... read more
  • Microwavable
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    If you would like your products to be in microwave oven directly with the bags, we can help... read more
  • Steaming
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    Our steaming bags are perfect for packaging soup and ready to eat products... read more
  • Puffed
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    Some crackers, cereals and snacks need the package to be puffed and air tight... read more
  • Grease Resistant
    Some of our customers require their package to be grease resistant, we can surely assist... read more
  • Transparent
    Some products are in eye-catching shape that need the bags to be transparent and easily see-through... read more