Pouch Applications
We are capable of applying any features you want on the bag
  • One-Way Degassing Valve
    One-way degassing valve contributes to product freshness and preservation... read more
  • Ziplock
    Ziplock allows your customer to reseal the bag for storing purpose... read more
  • Spout
    Spout can be applied to the top or side of a stand up pouch for liquid packaging... read more
  • Hang Hole
    Hang hole is applied on the bags for better displaying your products... read more
  • Tear Notch
    Tear Notch enables consumer to open pack without use of scissors... read more
  • Die Cut Handle
    Die cut handle allows your customer to easily carry the bag... read more
  • Serrated Edge
    Serrated edge allows customer to easily tear the bag and usually used for single-use or sav-on bags... read more
  • Window
    Clear window allows your customer to see through the pouch with a view of your lovely product... read more