Custom Pouches
Custom Printed Pouches
If you are looking for eco-friendly packages to market your great products,
try our full color printed bags to outshine on shelves!


Custom printed bags not only provide tailored barrier properties to prevent your products from moisture and oxygen,
its high-definition printing technique will make your package eye-catching and outshine other products on shelves.


High minimum order quantities? 

Our state of art printing facilities and high-efficient one-stop online systems will walk you through
the whole process step by step with as low as 3,000 pieces to start.


Long production turnaround time?

15-20 days lead time! Shortest in the industry!


High cost per piece?

10% cheaper guarantee!

On top of it, we offer a various selection of materials (Kraft paper, foil, poly, rice paper), custom features(zippers, window, hang hole, valves and tin-ties) and pouch types(stand up pouch, side gusseted pouch, flat bottom pouch,
flat pouch) to meet your business’s every single need. 

3 Ways to get our Custom Printed Pouch
  • Based on our Plain Pouch’s materials and sizes
    Recommended for Beginners

    Just go to our online store, we have various pouch types, sizes, materials and applications ready for your selection.

    All you need to do is just selecting the right size and number of colors used in your artwork.

  • Step by step
    Bassed on your Industry
    For Intermediates

    Just choose the right industry we are specialized in, we will guide you step by step to decide every detail of your pouches.

    Our industry expert will get back with prices and package recommendations for you.

  • Professionals Gateway
    for a Complete Control
    Perfect for Experts

    For those who know exactly what they are looking for, use this simple form to choose the best details of your pouches.

    Get complete control over your pouch details and upload your artwork for the best result.