Effective packaging is critical for ensuring product quality during transportation


Packaging must be designed to effectively withstand various conditions in the supply chain: rough handling during loading
and unloading, compression from weight that may bear down from other containers (if double-stacked), impact and shifting
during transportation, and the high humidity that can occur during pre-cooling, transit and storage.


  • Cartons

    Corrugated Fiberboard Carton, suitable for long distrancce transportation and change of climate, highly protected against moisture and shocks.
  • Tape

    Cartons taped with high quality tapes
    neatly and professionally.
  • Label

    Water proof label on the cartons clearly shows
    the specs of pouches
  • Palletizing

    Optional, shipped as a unit load. It permits standardized
    ways of handling loads with common mechanical
    equipment such as fork-lift trucks.